3 Ways to Use Your Straightener

Wave the magic wand

Written by Laila Dharamsey on February 3, 2015

Who has time for a blowdry? Straighteners to the rescue! You can use your straightener to straighten, clamp, or curl your hair and here’s a handy list of the best ways to use your straightener.


Make sure your straightener is really hot and ready to use before you start styling; always try and use a heat protecting spray before styling your hair.



Part your hair in four sections, if you have fine hair; for thicker hair, part it in eight. Start by parting your hair down the centre, and clip apart on each side. Now divide the back of your hair into one section and the front into another. Clamp the straightener one inch away from your root to your tip, repeatedly, to reach the desired result. Now undo your hair and smooth it down with serum.






If you have wavy or curly hair, this is a super easy style for you to achieve! Grab some of your hair and clamp it with the straightener in the middle. Don’t run the straightener down towards your tips, just keep it in place till a small portion of your hair is straight and the rest is wavy. Continue to clamp your hair all around your head in the same angle. Lastly clamp the ends to make them straight.





If you have curly hair you will have to straighten all your hair and then curl the ends. If you have straight hair you can start right away! For medium length hair, wrap hair around your straightener four to five inches away from the top and hold it for five to 15 seconds, depending on the thickness of your hair. Let loose for bouncy ringlets!