Hijab Takes Center Stage

5 ways to rock a headscarf

Written by S. Mahmood on April 25, 2017



It all started with Lindsay Lohan donning a hijab to support her upcoming fashion line; Nike went onto unveil a hijab for Muslim athletes. IMG picked up model Halima Aiden, and the hijab slowly picked up pace as a trending topic. With all the attention the hijab has got over the past several months, here are five awesome ways to rock the hijab!

Use fabrics in pastels to accentuate your eyes

 Wearing a hijab in this blistering heat means you have to opt for a lighter fabric. A little goes a long way if you decide to invest in quality fabrics that can last longer. Try to use fabrics in pastels to accentuate your features; soft colours are perfect for these hot summer months. For brown or darker brown eyes choose lavender, peach, powder blue and white.

Eyes that stand out, perfect your wing

 The first thing that stands out on a girl with a hijab is her eyes! Make sure you’ve got that eyeliner on fleek! Use kohl to bring out your eyes or a classic black eyeliner.

Statement necklaces

 These are always trending; add a statement necklace and transform your outfit. Stick to delicate, elaborate, necklaces that don’t confuse your look – and don’t forget to play with colours!

Match your outfit

 Don’t pair up a pink outfit with a pink hijab, use contrasting colours that look good together or colours in the same spectrum. Match some element of your outfit; go for neutral, soft makeup to complement your look. Keep taupe, rose pink, salmon lipsticks stashed in your essentials.

Add value to your outfit

 Minimalism is key! Don’t overdress the hijab, keep your makeup understated, try not to overdo the necklaces, or mix large prints with small ones. Stick to plain colours and ensure your hijab adds value to your outfit, and gives you that aura of elegance.