Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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Written by Anushe Khalid on November 29, 2015


Making your makeup last through one single evening event is easy. The tricky part comes in when you have to make it last through the day. Saving your face can become difficult with the polluted environment or the different weather conditions we’re exposed to, but there are ways of conquering the daily battle. Here are a few things you need to know to make your makeup last all day:


Wash Your Face:

Before you apply fresh makeup, be sure to wash your face properly. Applying makeup over products you may have used earlier in the day can cause the freshly applied cosmetics to slip off quickly. Also, be sure to use a facewash that suits your skin and doesn’t make it dry and lifeless.





You need to remember to exfoliate a few times every week. We know it is difficult to go to your nearest salon and get a facial daily, so we recommend making one at home. The sugar scrub using oil, sugar and honey is the best to give your skin freshness and take away the dryness caused by the harsh weather.




Prime Time:

Apply primer to make your makeup last longer. Apply primer all over your face and neck before applying eye makeup or foundation. Be sure to put it over your eyes, blemishes and the areas you wish to cover.




Use Mineral Powder:

Instead of liquid foundation, use mineral powder. This helps with absorbing excess oil and smoothing out your skin. And the best part is, you can easily carry it around with a sponge and fix your makeup whenever you feel something’s wrong.




Apply Long-Lasting Lipstick:

Before you do this, apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips. Long-lasting lip colours tend to dry out your lips, but if you take precautions then nothing can go wrong. Also, use a lip liner to make sure it maintains the same shape throughout the day.




Opt For Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara:

Waterproof makeup is the best at staying fresh and staying in place throughout the day without any smudges. But make sure you remove the mascara before you sleep to avoid your lashes from falling off.




Avoid Touching Your Face:

We tend to touch our face constantly which causes the makeup to slowly and gradually get wiped off. So ladies, keep your hands off your face!