Pond’s Miracle Journey 2016

The event we've all been waiting for

Written by S. Mahmood on February 12, 2017

This year was the third for PMJ, and  Sarmad Khoosat was the host. He did a brilliant job hosting, being funny and sweet,reading poignant poetry, and making all women present feel cherished and celebrated. Pond’s has always made women feel beautiful and worthy of praise, and the PMJ Gala is just the cherry on top.


There are few venues better than the stunning Mohatta Palace. Lit brightly with an elegant black carpet to welcome the 10 Miracle Women and their mentees, the place was done up brilliantly. It looked even better with the rows and rows of gorgeous women seated inside! As they entered, there were fun activities for the guests such as the super popular  photography booth!


A warm, heartfelt moment was shared on stage with a crowd as the Miracle women of 2014,2015 and 2016 were brought on stage for a beautiful group photograph, right after the nostalgia inducing electrifying performance by the much-loved, evergreen band, Noori. They capped the fantastic performance with the national anthem.


Dinner followed – our favorite was the spinach stuffed chicken!


All in all, a wonderfully managed event – here’s to women, and to many more events celebrating them.