5 Ways To Protect Your Hair

Damaged hair no more!

Written by S. Mahmood on March 20, 2017

We’re all for embracing your natural hair texture and playing it up, but sometimes a girl has to break out the straightener, curling iron, or hairdryer. Or all three. With heat styling comes gorgeous hair that behaves well all day long, and also, the inevitable damage.

So how can you keep the style and the health of your hair? Simple:

1. Oil before, not just after


We all know oiling is great for hair, and lots of us prudently oil our locks after subjecting them to sizzling, drying heat styling. This is great, as your hair needs the TLC or an oil massage after having heat applied to it, but consider oiling hair and scalp before you wash it for a blowdry or flat-iron. Your hair will have extra moisture, and thus lose less of its own.

2. Use the right shampoo and conditioner


 We want to reduce the amount of time we have a hairdryer or iron on our hair. Using smoothing/de-frizzing products while washing hair will make hair easier to manage under the heat, thus requiring less time to actually style it. The right products will make your hairstyles last much longer!

3. Serum is essential!


Keep your go-to serum in your shower if you must, but remember to sun some through your hair as soon as you’re done with the final rinse. Apply serum to soaking wet hair, then wring out extra water.

4. Dry right


 No need to go crazy with that towel, girls. Don’t rub your hair with a towel to dry it; that will only make individual hair shafts coarser, making the styling process longer than it has to be. Simply wring, dab downwards with a towel or cotton t-shirt, and allow hair to airdry, if you’re going to curl or  flat iron.

5.Use the right protectant for your hair type


 Everyone should start off with a basic serum post-wash, as mentioned above, but follow up with a heat protectant made for your hair type. Use a light spray or serum for fine hair, and cream or lotion protectants for thicker hair types.