Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine!

Beauty hacks every girl should know

Written by S. Mahmood on April 26, 2017

1.  Two In One.

Get the most out of brushing your teeth by exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush.  This will get all the dead skin off.  Just be sure to rinse thoroughly before brushing teeth!

2. A Soothing Soak

Waxing can redden and irritate the skin. Dip cotton balls in cooled milk and apply to waxed areas for a soothing effect.

3. Dry, Dry Nails!

Nobody enjoys waiting ages and feeling useless while nail polish takes its sweet time to fully dry. But there’s a hack for it! Nail polish dries quickly after it comes in contact with cold temperature, so after you paint your nails, submerge hands carefully in a bowl of ice water for 2-3 minutes and avoid the waiting game!

4. Say Goodbye To Spots

Toothpaste isn’t the only thing that gets rid of those pesky zits. Dabbing a little yogurt on the spot will have the same effect! The lactic acid works wonderfully to clear skin.

5. DIY Facepeel

Three simple ingredients,  and you’ve got yourself a fabulous all-natural facepeel. Mix equal parts baking soda, lemon juice and water and apply over face. Once it sets, rinse with warm water for refreshed, healthy-looking skin.

6. Feeling chapped?

Get rid of chapped, dry lips by applying a warm bag of green tea on your lips. Finish by applying some organic coconut oil to further moisturize. It really works!

7. Get that pout!

Make a home-made lip plumper by combining a little ground cinnamon with your favorite lip balm. PS. The tingling sensation is normal!

8. Heat up eyelash curler

If mascara fails you,simply blow hot air with your blow-dryer on your eyelash curler before using it. This trick curls lashes the same way a curling iron curls hair. Just make sure to test it on the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t too hot!

9. Dark circles don’t have to be permanent!

Place two used bags of green tea in the fridge for half an hour. Apply on closed eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes. This hack is super effective for undereye dark circles and has a soothing, cooling effect.

10. In case of a crumbly mess!

Mascara should be replaced every 3-6 months, but if in that time period you find the product has dried up and is flakey, simply add a couple of drops of eyedrops or contact solution to loosen it up!