Straightening Hair Treatments – Which One Is For You?

Say goodbye to frizz this summer!

Written by S. Mahmood on April 28, 2017

Summer for us Karachi girls means 2 things: shop till you drop for those exuberant lawn prints, and then much to our dismay frizzy, out of control hair that insists on a blow-dry. But, how much are we actually willing to dish out of our pockets this summer for blow-dries? Yes DIY’s are great, for those of us that can control our wacky hair; for the rest of us not so much.

With straightening treatments available at every salon, for an enormous price, we thought we could tell you some more about them. Here are the 3 main ones you should look out for:

1. Keratin:

This treatment seeks to nourish dry hair causing it to fall straight. Keratin treatments have become popular for their lasting effect, with some claiming they last a whole year! Keratin is protein that is naturally in your hair. After washing your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo your stylist will apply the keratin treatment to your hair and then seal it with a flat iron. It is recommended to wait before you wash your hair, usually about 2 days. After which you can forget about frizzy hair! A sulphate-free shampoo is advised to maintain your keratin treatment.

2. CHI Enviro:

For those of you who desperately want to get rid of frizz, CHI Enviro is right for you –  promising healthier, shinier hair. Much like the keratin treatment, CHI follows the same washing, applying solution and sealing with a CHI iron. However this treatment is only responsive to eliminating frizz and not making your hair permanently dead-straight.


3. Extenso:

Remember when Japanese pin straight, flat hair was in fashion? Yes, that’s what Extenso is capable of doing to your hair, and this is how it is different from CHI Enviro. Much like re-bonding, if you’re into pin straight flat hair, Extenso is perfect for you!

Any other smoothing or straightening treatment is probably not worth your money. Costs for each treatment depend on hair length. Prices vary at different salons.