Summer Hair and Makeup

It’s hot!

Written by BeautifulYou Desk on May 12, 2017

So we were flipping through pictures from the recently concluded PSFW17, looking for hair and makeup inspo as always, and we realized that summer makeup – at least as it was envisioned on the PSFW ramp this year – is a bit on the ‘hot side’. What do we mean? Scroll through to find out. And tell us if these are looks you’d like to wear May to August.

And the hair! We’re back to really sleek and super straight, ladies. Time to throw away your sea salt spray and take out your trusty straightening iron!

1. Pastel Waves

We had to begin with a bit of Mahira. Her hair looks great, right? Remember this hair the minute you start giving into wearing your hair stick straight all. The. Time.

Try this if: your hair is naturally wavy or curly Click here!

2. Fierce/Severe

Super straight part, super straight hair, sharply contoured features. Summer looks have never been this defined.

Try this if: you have the time to straighten your hair! Click here!

3. Dark and Sleek

Safinaz Muneer of Sana Safinaz practices what she preaches, on the Lux Style Awards 2017 red carpet. Hair slicked down, and dark lip on. This is our collective summer game face, women of Pakistan, if we take style trends even a little bit seriously.

4. Cool,Cooler,Coolest

But hey, here’s a thought: wear your hair the way you want, or a makeup look you dig, when you want it, because style is all about looking great and knowing what works for you!


We just might give that bitten plum lip a try this summer. What are some makeup and hair styles you love for summer? Tell us in the comments!