Take Care Of Your Hands And Feet

Cuticles be gone!

Written by Laila Dharamsey on November 9, 2016

Girls, how many of us are staring at our hands and feet right now and thinking about what a disaster they are? Here’s one way of limiting your need for a manicure and pedicure every two weeks: moisturize! How many of us really moisturize our hands after we wash them? How many of us apply lotion on our hands and feet every night? Not enough of us, which explains the constant runs to the salon to get our nails done.

Every time your hands come in contact with water and soap, their skin dries, and if not moisturized frequently, dry hands can lead to dry cuticles which make your nails look untidy. Badly shaped nails or untidy cuticles are a big ‘no’ for most women.

Let’s check out some top tips for curing brittle, weak nails and dry hands and feet:

1. Nail soaks!

Hand_care-box-Image-03 (2)

Nail soaks are an effective and inexpensive method of treating your nails and fingers to the care they deserve. Soak your fingers in extra virgin olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes a day for a month, and then twice a week after that for best results.

2.Wear gloves for chores


Make sure to wear gloves while cleaning, washing and gardening. Cleansing solutions and detergents are harsh on the skin, and your hands come in direct contact with hem.

3. Moisturize


Dry and cracked skin is a source of much grief for us women! Everyone wants baby soft skin. We recommend moisturizing your body with Vaseline!

4. Lock in moisture with socks


If you are a victim of very badly cracked heels, you may wish to invest in socks especially designed to lock in moisture and keep the dryness away. Most of these socks are infused with shea butter, or a kind of healthy oil that are sure to keep your feet soft and moisturized. You can DIY your way around this, and achieve the same results as the moisturizer-infused socks by lathering on moisturizer on your feet and sleeping with your softest socks on. Moisturize with Vaseline Deep restore for dryness and Cocoa Glow for extra dryness.

It’s easy, everybody! Make sure you make these habits a daily ritual, and you’ll never feel dry again.