Top 5 Lux Style Awards Hosts Of All Time

Does LSA 2017 take the cake?

Written by S. Mahmood on April 21, 2017

The Lux Style Awards are about more than winning and losing. They are about fashion and celebrity; they are about craft and hard work. And they are about the laughs! LSA has managed to produce some amazing hosts through its 16 years so far. Atif Aslam did a fantastic job last night at LSA 2017; here are our top picks for the most memorable hosts of LSA from previous years:

1. Zia Mohyeddin

The legendary star and national treasure Zia Mohyeddin actually hosted the first-ever LSA in 2002. No one has and can outdo the hosting skills of this actor, narrator, producer, orator, director and television broadcaster.

2. Shaan

The beloved Shaan Shahid did an excellent job hosting the LSA in both 2005 and 2008. He’s not just an actor, writer and director but proved to be a charismatic host!

3. Moin Akhter

The comedic icon hosted the second Lux Style Awards in 2003. Only Moin Akhter could pull off the job with such effortless wit, on-point improvisation and sarcasm.

4. Fawad Khan

2008 was when the singer and actor Fawad Khan made his first official entry to LSA as a host. He’s a huge star now, but was just as loved then!

5. BNN

The local kings of TV comedy, BNN (Banana News Network) were very well received at the 10th Lux Style Awards. They are remembered as interactive and had kept the audience engaged throughout the event with their hilarious jokes and playful digs at the stars.

6. Ahmed Butt

People remember Ahmed Ali Butt as having stolen the show at the 11th Lux Style Awards with his hilarious reenactment and rendition of Akon’s song ‘Smack That’. The Pakistani actor, rapper and rock music keyboardist did not disappoint.

Here’s to more incredible hosts in the future!