Eye Makeup Tricks For Girls With Specs!

Be adorkable!

Written by S. Mahmood on July 29, 2016


In my personal opinion, people of any gender in glasses are extremely attractive!

It’s a pity that girls feel they can’t do eye makeup without their spectacles coming in the way when they CAN! Here’s how:


Don’t be afraid to use mascara

Have no fear! We know it’s annoying to have your lashes hit and streak your lenses, but using an eyelash curler can be helpful. Curling your lashes will prevent them from pointing downwards or sticking out straight and hence are less likely to smear. Your curled lashes also make your eyes look bigger, and you, wide awake.




Wearing specs can often create dark shadows around the eyes or accentuate any under eye darkness that you might already have. Using a colour corrector and concealer to lighten and brighten your under eye area can help your eyes pop.



Defining your eyes should be the focus, because your aim is to shift the focus from your frames to your eyes. Make sure both top and bottom lash lines are defined with eyeliner, with a minimum of two coats of mascara. A dark or nude smudged lid color, with the top and bottom rim of your eyes lined in black, is the perfect eye look for you especially if your frames are colored!



Make the inner corner and brow highlight your best friend. This will pull attention beyond your glasses and lighten up the eyes.