5 Gifts To Buy For Yourself Every Eid


While you might be done packing gifts for your loved ones, one of the hardest Eid decisions to make is probably choosing items for your home or personal use. No, you’re not selfish to buy gifts for yourself on such a wonderful occasion. Keeping away from bad deeds and fasting for a whole month makes you deserving of some Eid goodies! Plus the event only comes twice a year – why not treat yourself?

Make it Easy, Make it Meaningful

For a Pakistani independent woman, it is not easy to grab the perfect self-use items at first glance. There is so much to look for in your budget-restricted wallet, with the products sometimes not living up to the standards, and leaving you discontented. Still, you have to manage your shopping ordeals to complete #MeriEidKiLook, isn’t it so?

Now is not the time for you to become hopeless! Mentioned below are the 5 kinds of easy-on-the-pocket, meaningful self-gifts, which will definitely revitalise your Eid-game this season.

1. The Outfit

Gone are the days when you only had to shop at huge brands to satisfy the perfect Eid outfit needs. You can always count on the small shops at Tariq Road to provide you with the best sequined dress for that gorgeous peplum to get stitched. This  affordable, local option will not only make you feel satisfied money and spirit-wise but will surely turn heads all around town!

2. A Make-up Gift Set

Don’t forget to gift yourself some makeup for the occasion. Is there anything more exciting than fresh, new makeup? Using good makeup will enhance your Eid look game. For foundation, we recommend Fair&Lovely’s BB cream. Easily available in sale sets at supermarkets, and great for concealing those pesky spots!

3. Glowy, glowy! 

You wouldn’t want the natural highlighter – oily pores – play a nasty game with your skin on Eid, or would you? Do not rely on the weather getting better. While it’s true that large intakes of water will keep away the dryness,  Lux Body Wash or soap can help you maintain  shine and natural glow. Give yourself a break and let the flowery scent define your confident persona this festive season.

4. Accessorize Yo-Self

Be it body or hair accessories, make sure to buy only those that match the colour theme of your dress. After all, perfectly contrasting pants with pearl anklets would make anyone feel genuinely happy.

5. The Pamper-Massage


Being a woman, you are free to live according to your own desires. This Eid, gift yourself a tempering massage at any local wellness spa and allow your body to relax throughout an intense ritual, easing all symptoms of stress and tension. There is no contentment without internal harmony.

So there you have it. A rather small yet detailed list of self-content gifts that are definitely going to make you happy this Eid. If you think you have some add-ins, feel free to share them with us!

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