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5 Ways To Protect Your Hair


We’re all for embracing your natural hair texture and playing it up, but sometimes a girl has to co-depend on the straightener, curling iron, or hairdryer. Or all three. With heat styling comes gorgeous hair that behaves well all day long, and also, the inevitable damage. So how can you keep the style as well as the health ...

My Fat Desi Wedding: Dressing up with Wardha Saleem


Wardha Saleem is the name that comes to our minds whenever we think of fashion and trends. What better than seeking her advice for dressing up this wedding season! We are all set with Wardha's gorgeous ensembles to rock them weddings this season. Let us know which look you liked the most out of the three ...

ATTENTION BRIDES! Here Are 5 Heavenly Tips To Get You Glowing!


A wedding isn’t about only tying a knot. It’s about lavish outfits, flawless makeup, and tons of pictures! To achieve these “bride goals”, brides-to-be need to develop a set of healthy habits, especially for their skin. This skin regimen should be followed religiously for it to be most effective. Here are some tips to achieve ...

My Fat Desi Wedding-Fashion Fusion


Feeling all puzzled up this wedding season? Wanna look stylish, new and trendy but going low on your budget? Then the video below is just what you need. Our girls visit Amal Qadri who is a famous celebrity stylist for some style advise and the results were outstanding Amal mixed new with old to get the best ...

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