Crazy Instagram Makeup Trends

Beauty can be fun and crazy!

Written by A. A. Zuberi on April 7, 2017

We have all seen some of the unique makeup trends on Instagram. As gorgeous and fascinating as they may look, some of them should stay only on Insta. Here is a round-up of the latest makeup trends that can be seen on the app!

1. Halo Eyes

We’ll start of the least wackiest of them all, Halo Eyes. Halo eyes are a simple way of putting on eyeshadow. You simply take one shade of your eyeshadow and apply it to your entire lid without going over the crease line. You then apply the same shade along your lower lash line connecting it at each corner, essentially creating a halo around your eyes.
The only issue with this makeup trend is that if not done right it makes your eyes look puffy.

2, Neon Makeup

Most people are a fan of neon nail polish and eyeshadow. But the newest neon makeup trend is drawing with neon makeup on your face. It results in some breath taking and eye-catching pictures. The look is great for photos but it is not practical for everyday use.

3. Crown Makeup

What is crown makeup? It is drawing crowns or tiaras on your eyes.

The crowns can be blinged out by adding glitter, sparkles, stars and rhinestones. This look definitely only looks good in pictures.

Kitchen Tools For Contouring

The past two have definitely been the years of contouring. A tribe of beauty bloggers, specifically Instagrammers have attemped to shape and sculpt using common kitchen tools – such as forks, whisks, spoons and even knives. We do not recommend this – but just goes to show impractical as it may be, you technically don’t need the priciest of makeup tools to achieve looks similar to celebrities!