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Daytime dilemma

3 ways the sun damages your skin



Duck down! Hide! Cover up! The sunny season has cometh and the big ball of fire is blazing in all its fiery glory leaving us mere mortals running for our dear skin and hair. While the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D and a free mood booster, we in the subcontinent, are unfortunately over-blessed (trust me, it’s a word) with it. In case you’re still living on the wild side and not taking SPF seriously, here’s a list of things the sun does to your skin when you get exposed to the massive circle of fire for more than 10 minutes.

1) Oh my eyes!

Long-term, unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the retina and cause the development of cloudy bumps along the edge of the cornea preventing clear vision.

2) ‘Rash’ hour!

Sun exposure leads to over-sweating that stresses the sweat ducts and makes them trap perspiration under the skin causing a rash. Here’s a tip though, next time you feel the prickles and ickles, clean with a tissue and dab some cornflour. Not only does cornflour absorb all the sweat, it is a natural, no side effects alternative to powders that may irritate sensitive skin.

3) Wrinkle in time

UV light damages collagen and elastic tissue in the skin, making it weak and hindering its natural healing journey causing sagging and premature aging. Numerous studies conducted all around the world has proven that while sunscreen is not elixir of youth it sure does help delay the signs of aging. One of our favorites have to be the new Fair & Lovely BB cream which not only covers up those pesky marks but also gives a decent sun protection all day long. Lather up ladies!


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Age is just a number: Tips for women with mature skin



Don’t let fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet dull your shine. We’ve outlined the five basic changes you need to make in your life today for healthy, youthful looking skin.

Use an egg white mask

Egg white is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and zinc, making it a tried and tested anti-aging beauty trick. It is known to tighten the pores leaving your skin firm and smooth. Take a teaspoon of honey and one raw egg (just the white – no yolk), and mix it till you have a smooth and consistent texture. Spread this mask onto your face and neck and relax for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Invest in a good anti-aging day cream

After the age of 25, your skin needs a bit more TLC. Invest in a good day moisturizer with anti-aging properties. Try Pond’s Age Miracle for a hydration boost and to prevent fine lines and wrinkles before time.

Use a cream blush and highlighter

Nothing says youthful glow than a flush across the cheeks and that lit-from-within glow. When you go makeup shopping and take your time to pick what really suits your skin. Mature skin loses its elasticity so it’s best to pick cream blush or strobe cream to prevent a dry and cakey appearance.

Keep these tips in mind when going on your next beauty haul and thank us later.

Massage your face

A nighttime skin regimen may seem trivial but the results will work wonders in the long run. Use a cleanser or oil and massage your face upwards to tighten loose skin and give your face a lifted look. Massaging helps exercise your face muscles and stops them from drooping. Make sure your cleanser or oil has a good dose of Vitamin C so that you can also boost collagen production while you massage your face.

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Summer skincare regime in under Rs. 1,000




  1. Cleanse regularly

With sunny season going SPARTA on our skin it is necessary to have a facewash in your beauty regime that only removes oil from your face but also gives deep cleansing to your pores. Our two favourite this season are Pond’s White Beauty Facewash for everyday use and Pond’s Pure White with Activated Charcoal for that deep cleaning people with trouble skin really need on a regular basis.


  1. Moisturise your hair

You’d be surprised just how much cotton pillowcases and air-conditioning damages your hair. If you’re on a budget, choose a shampoo that not only cleanses your scalp, but also provides moisture to your hair like Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo.


  1. Give your body some TLC

Summer is the season when your body needs you the most from inside and out. Perspiration, body odour and open pores can all lead to irritated, angry skin. Toss out drying soaps and go for something more moisturizing and fragrant like Lux Moisturising Soft Touch Bodywash that leaves a subtle, rosey scent on your skin, making you feel like a luxurious queen for hours.


  1. Embrace the BB cream life

Nothing irritates your skin more in summers that heavy makeup that is loaded with all sorts of wack stuff that is not all-that-great for your skin. Go easy, breezy and flawless this summer with Fair & Lovely BB Cream that is bursting with the goodness of micro vitamins that improve the overall health of your skin and SPF 15+ that acts as a shield between you and the big blazing yellow guy in the sky.

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