Eyebrow Game : Strong!

How should you shape your eyebrows this summer?

Written by BeautifulYou Desk on May 17, 2017

Gone are days – or decades – of the skinny, over-plucked eyebrow. The last few years have been all about the natural, often bushy brow, and it looks like 2017 is going to stay committed to the thick brow.

Here are some of our favorite celeb pairs, and we love them because these stars rock their brows in all shapes and sizes. Which do you like the best?

1. Zara Peerzada

Photo via @zarapeerzada

Zara Peerzada rocks the perfectly tousled look, and her brows, bushy but tame, lend to the casual chic vibe.

2. Sadaf Kanwal

Photo via @sadafkanwal

Sadaf keeps it dark and stormy, and has the perfectly shaped and waxed eyebrows to match.

3. Natasha Khalid

Photo via @natashasalon

Can’t really say you want to commit to the fuller brow? Do like Natasha Khalid and arch, shape, and fill out brows the way you like them.

4. Mahira Khan

Photo via @mahirahkhan

Mahira Khan’s entire look is on fleek, what with slicked back bun and dark lip, but her normally full eyebrows are shaped down for this photo.

5. Imaan Madani for Bina Khan

Photo via @binakhanmkp

Bina Khan is famous for her meticulous detailing, and every time she posts a photo of Imaan Madani, we swoon a little. We love Imaan’s sharp, well-defined brows, and how they enhance all her features.

6. Amna Babar

Photo via @amnababer

Amna Baber looks so drop-dead, and now we know lush brows don’t mean you can’t look polished!