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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day


Making your makeup last through a single event is easy, BUT the tricky part is when you have to make it last throughout the day. Good thing you have us to guide you! Read on to learn these simple  tips that will make your makeup bullet proof. Always Wash Your Face Before Applying Makeup: Before you apply ...

Hijab Takes Centrestage


It all started with Lindsay Lohan donning a hijab to support her upcoming fashion line; Nike went onto unveil a hijab for Muslim athletes. IMG picked up model Halima Aiden, and the hijab slowly picked up pace as a trending topic. With all the attention the hijab has got over the past several months, here are five awesome ways to rock the hijab! Use ...

My Fat Desi Wedding: Eye Intensify


Wanna get them dreamy smoky eyes with a winged liner as pointy as a knife this wedding season? Then chillax, cuz we have got you covered. From basic winged eye liner to smoky eyes to perfect dramatic eyes, you are gonna learn it all in this tutorial. Click to watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TEwB1LQiwM Compliment them glorious eyes with a ...

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