In The Mood For The ’80s!

Press rewind!

Written by BeautifulYou Desk on March 30, 2017

The ‘80s were iconic for being bold. The general attitude of living large prevailed in that decade. The clothes, the hair and the makeup; everything was bigger, brighter, bolder and more eye-catching back then. So, let’s take it back to the ‘80s once more!

Blue Eyeshadow


What evening look was complete without bright blue eyes that didn’t have a damn to give? We thought our moms/aunts/random ladies were all very glamorous at that distant relative’s wedding, didn’t we?

Polka Dots




Polka dots are retro-chic, and perfect for an airy look to breeze through the day in.  Top by Sapphire
 Dhoti Shalwars


Nothing recalls the festive ‘80s better than a shalwar embellished with gota. Put some swag in your step with the ultimate harem pant!

Shalwar by Daaman

Boxy Outfits


If we were to present to the world what Pakistan looked like in the mid ‘80s, we would produce any Teejay’s outfit, in all its sharp-cut, shoulder-padded, boxy glory.

Vital Signs


Whether you were born in or hitting adolescence in the ‘80s, you can’t possibly forget ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, or the four boys who brought mainstream band pop to Pakistan!

Mussarrat Nazir


Weddings were incomplete without one of Mussarat Nazir’s famous shaadi songs, and whether you realize it or not, if you have ever sung or danced to ‘Mera Laung Gawacha’ at a wedding or just in your head, you’ve brought a little piece of the ‘80s to your world.

Tea Rose and Actual Roses


The ‘80s in Pakistan saw women obsessed with smelling like flowers, and like roses in particular. Anywhere five women got together probably smelled like a small garden.

Bomber Jackets


If none of the polka dot and gold glitter shenanigans are for you, be a little more streamlined and stylish, and find a modern take on the popular bomber jacket.

Bomber jacket by Yahsir Waheed for MyFashionFix