Kajal Craze

3 Kohls you should own

Written by Maliha Rao on June 16, 2015

Shoulder:  We note the three kajal brands that women in Pakistan swear by. Having at least one of these in your makeup bag is a must. You decide which one you want!

Everyone, from Cleopatra to Jack Sparrow, loves the dramatic, smoky nature of kohl, a definite makeup staple especially in our part of the world. Kajal it has been worn for centuries, by royalty, noble women and the poor alike and is still as popular as ever. Despite the popularity of this product very few brands have managed to get it right. Here, we list some out for you. If you aren’t aware of them, you’re definitely missing out on eye magnificence.

Best-Kajal-G01 Best-Kajal-G02 Best-Kajal-G03