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Makeup showdown



Pakistani cosmetic companies are really stepping up their game. With packaging and the products now aiming, meeting and competing with international standards and brands such as MAC Cosmetics, we thought to try out red lipsticks from local companies to see which ones top the list. You can never go wrong with red; and it is a color that is universal in that it looks good on everyone. So here it is – the battle of the local lipsticks! In order of preference:

1. Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick

Shade : Royal Red
Price: Rs. 770

The formula is wonderfully creamy with good color pay off

2. Atiqa Odho Cosmetics Lipstick

Shade : Rich
Price: Rs. 425
A creamy red, this lipstick is easy to apply and comfortable on the lips, even though the red is not as intense as some of the other brands competing. The packaging is a shiny plastic red for all her lipsticks, which is different from the typical black bullet that most companies opt for. The bottom of the tube also shows the shade of the lipstick so you know which one you are reaching for.

3. Note By JDOT Lipstick

Shade: Merlot
Price: Rs. 985
The formula of this product is very smooth and creamy, but takes a while to set. It is a beautiful shade of red, however if you are looking for a matte lipstick, this isn’t the one. It definitely has a sheen to it. That being said, the color payoff is great and it really is a classic, opaque red.

4. Musarrat Misbah Cosmetics Lipstick

Shade: Marilyn Move
Price: Rs. 880
This shade is reminiscent of MAC Cosmetics’ infamous Ruby Woo, but unfortunately not just for the gorgeous blue-based red color but also for how drying it is. It is not advisable to apply this to dry or flaking lips. In order to pull this off, lips must be exfoliated and moisturized beforehand. It also comes off patchy, which is why you may need to apply a couple of coats. We aren’t sure if it is worth the price, but it is a great shade of red!

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Cover up: BB cream VS foundation




There is a lot of chatter around BB creams and foundations and which one is better for every day. While every skin type is unique and has its own preference, we break down the basic difference between BB creams and foundation to help you pick your look and save up on time and money.


  • BB creams are better for AM looks when you’re half asleep and on a time crunch. Only 10 minutes to get up and glow? Go for a BB cream because they are both a time-saver and impossible to mess up. Whether you go heavy or light-handed on BB cream, you will never end up looking like a hastily prepared cake. Foundations, on the other hand, are more of a nighttime partner when you have your sweet time to glow up!


  • BB creams pack coverage, UV protection and skincare into one so you don’t have to pile up on different products and suffocate your pores – an ideal choice for the busy woman who doesn’t have time for layering. Foundations give you heavy coverage and ideal for the girl who likes her makeup to look like makeup.


  • BB creams help you achieve that au natural (no makeup, makeup) look while foundations go for more of a just-jumped-out-of-Photoshop look. Depends on what look you want to wear for the occasion.


  • When it comes to application, BB creams are best applied with fingers while foundations require some serious dedication and a faithful beauty blender/brush.


  • BB creams give you sheer to medium to keep things natural and light, eliminate the oiliness and cakiness that comes with heavy foundations, Our favourite is Fair & Lovely BB cream that not only gives you a hit of hydration, medium coverage, SPF and other skin-loving ingredients but is also super easy on the pocket. Foundations on the other hand are usually towards the pricier side of the spectrum and offer a wide range of shades for you to choose from.




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Instagram That: The return of crystal makeup



Photo credit: Pinterest

A trend that rose back in the late 90s, Crytal Makeup has re-emerged from the ashes by making an appearance at many high fashion shows such as Dior and Givenchy. A trend embraced by many 90s icons such Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera, crystal makeup has taken a U-turn and is slowly becoming the hottest trend on Instagram with bloggers and MUAs flaunting their versions of the fad on their respective accounts. With so many hype around, we obviously wanted to give it a shot and we have narrowed it down to 4 ways you can follow this trend and ace it. Whether you’re someone who likes to stand out like a flamboyant peacock (ain’t nothing wrong about that) or someone who likes to take the understated yet trendy route, crystal makeup has a little, sparkly something for everyone.

Here’s is how you can adopt this trend and up your fashion game


Eye sparkle

Ditch the eyeliner and line your eyelid with small crystals. Whether you want to go OTT with the entire eyelash line embellished with crystals or want to keep it subtle by only sticking the crystals on the outer corners of the eyes, is upto you. Our favourite is spreading not more than 3 crystals over the entire lashline.



Be cheeky

If you like to keep your eyes au natural you can glue a tiny sparkle or a couple if you’re feeling adventurous on your cheek bone for an instant pop. The best thing about this look is that from a distance the sparkle actually looks like a Cindy Crawford-ish beauty mark. Win-win we’d say!


Eyebrows it

We have all had those days when our hair is on-point, our skin looks flawless and every angle is display picture worthy! Celebrate such good days by gluing crystals above your eyebrows all the way to the centre of your forehead to really embrace those ‘I’m a flawless princess’ vibes (we’ve all been there and felt that, don’t be coy).



Dial up the drama

This one is for all the ladies out there who like to be out there and steal the show with all that razzle dazzle. Make winged eyeliner and then cover the liner with crystals of any colour of your choice and enjoy the attention.

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