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Making Ramazan healthy again



We’ve all heard of the many, many benefits of watermelon and green tea. They’re both packed with antioxidants and nutrients that improve brain function and digestion, lower the risk of cancer, and boost weight loss. So what do we suggest? Bring these two together in a chilled drink and say hello to healthy living this summer!

Preparation Time: 15 min

Number of servings:  1 serving


Lipton Lemon Green Tea        2/3 cup

Watermelon Cubes                  ½ watermelon (diced)


Watermelon Juice                               1/3 cup

Sugar                                        ½ Tsp

Lime Juice                                1 Tsp

Mint leaves                               4-5 leaves


1. Prepare Lipton Lemon Green Tea as per instructions on pack. Remove teabag & cool.
2. Add Watermelon, sugar, lime juice, mint leaves and blend.
3. Pour in a glass.
4. Serve chilled with the garnishing of your choice.

Now that you’ve prepared your watermelon iced tea and kept it in the freezer to chill for a bit, dive right into a benefit-loaded mountain pose. This pose is known to improve posture, increase awareness and strengthen the feet, legs and hips. It also firms the abdomen.

Mountain Pose:

1. Stand with your feet together and arms at your sides. Press your weight evenly across the balls and arches of your feet.

2. Press your big toes together. Lift your toes, spread them apart, and then place them back down on the mat, one at a time.

3. Lift the ankles and arches of your feet. Squeeze your outer shins toward each other.

4. Tuck in your tailbone slightly, but don’t round your lower back. Lift the back of your thighs, but release your buttocks. Keep your hips even with the center line of your body.

5. Bring your pelvis to its neutral position. Let your front hip bones point forward. Draw your belly in slightly.

6. As you inhale, elongate through your torso. Exhale and release your shoulder blades away from your head and toward the back of your waist.

7. Keep your arms straight, fingers extended, and triceps firm. Allow your inner arms to rotate slightly outward.

8. Elongate your neck. Your ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles should be in one line.

9. Elongate your spine with each exhale and gaze forward. Hold the pose for up to one minute.


There, you’re all done! Now sit back and relax with your drink.

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Healthy Living

Lazy girl’s guide to eating healthier




When it comes to eating healthy, many of us are plain lazy. There are no words to describe it. It’s like you want to improve your health but you don’t necessarily want to put in the hard work that’s required. The good news is, eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Just swap your everyday junk food for these delicious, guilt-free superfoods, and get a step closer to living a healthier lifestyle.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a natural energy booster packed with antioxidants and rich, authentic taste. Make sure you pick up the least processed one with a teeny tiny bit of sugar (75% or more if you’re not weak at heart!). The more processed and sugary the chocolate, the unhealthier it is.

Chia Seeds

Did you know “Chia” is an ancient Mayan word for ‘strength’? Need we say more? This superfood is packed with the goodness of Fiber, Protein, Fat, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), and Vitamin B2. Trust this bubbly little superfood to give you an instant hit of energy when added to your fruit bowl or cereal.


Bananas are a great pick-me-up superfood to snack on after a long exhausting day. Chug a glass of banana milkshake in the evening, or mix it with some cereal and milk, for an instant energy boost. It’s quick, easy to make, and full of rich nutrients that help you refresh! 

Got more super food ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Healthy Living

Matcha Tea – New Fad or Superfood?



Dubbed the elixir of longevity, Matcha tea is what makes the Okinawans live to be 100 (yes, Okinawa, Japan has the most number of living centenarians). Although it has been around for more than eight centuries, this grassy green tea has become a staple on every fitness enthusiast’s Instagram visual feed much recently.

Before you decide on whether you should jump the Matcha Tea bandwagon (or not), let’s give you a lowdown of all the incredible health benefits this antioxidant powerhouse has to offer.

Weight Loss

If you’re weight watching, Matcha Tea can help you burn those calories four times faster than your basic brew. It improves the metabolism and helps burn fat – sans the terrible side effects of synthetic health supplements and detox drinks.


Matcha Tea gets its brilliant green color due to the high chlorophyll content that is great for detoxing. Just one cup of Matcha Tea every day helps you get rid of harmful chemical toxins and free radicals (but don’t overdo it).

Rich in Antioxidants

Matcha Tea is also rich in skin-loving and cancer-fighting antioxidants called polyphenols and catechins that boost immunity and give skin a youthful appearance.

Boosts Concentration

If Monday blues really get to you, start your day with a cup of warm Matcha Tea. Certain antioxidants present in this tea help boost concentration and improve memory.

Strengthens the Immune System

In addition to all the amazing health benefits Matcha Tea has to offer, it is packed with the goodness of vitamins A & C, protein, calcium, iron, and potassium that promote overall health.

Fancy a cuppa?

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