The Ultimate Beauty Guide To Great Skin


We are all constantly struggling for great skin, but what does it take to actually achieve it? If you have tried everything in the book already and nothing seems to work, check out the details on our ultimate guide to great skin. These are steps you should take daily, weekly, monthly and yearly; tried and tested! Make sure to keep the skin on your body exfoliated and moisturized, taking care of the skin on your body is as important as the skin on your face. Try Vaseline’s Healthy White for soft supple skin all day.


For great skin every day here is what you should be doing;

  • Wash your face twice daily and pat your face dry with tissue papers as opposed to a towel.
  • Take off your makeup before you go to bed and apply a night cream.
  • Take cold showers. As opposed to hot showers. Cold water is excellent for your scalp and your skin.
  • Cleanse + tone and moisturize; try out Pond’s range of cleansers, toners and moisturizers.
  • Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.
  • Make a water routine, and drink lots of water.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunblock!


  • Apply a face mask at home, try a mint mask or even just something basic like a honey and sugar concoction. Try Firefly’s Mint Cooler, available on Facebook.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a light scrub like an apricot scrub.
  • Exercise is important for your skin to release toxins; exercise three times a week for great skin.
  • It’s important to disinfect your phone as makeup from our face tends to rub off on our phones, overtime this accumulates bacteria that cause acne.
  • Change your pillowcases: sleeping on fresh sheets feels good and is better for your skin.
  • Clean your makeup brushes with some olive oil and dishwashing soap like max liquid.


  • Go for a facial or cleansing and rid your skin of built up pigmentation and blackheads.
  • Invest in good skincare products.
  • Take out time to do a detox once a month for a few days to flush your body of toxins.


  • Visit a dermatologist for a checkup. Believe it or not THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. As going to a dermatologist will not only help you treat the old skin issues but also keep you away from developing the new ones.

Your skin needs your time and attention. Don’t ignore it before its too late.

Comment below with you skin care routine!

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